Senior Developer - Python/Java with opportunities to train

  • Kirontech
  • Beirut
  • Nov 03, 2017
Full time Health Care

Job Description


Kirontech is a Lebanon/UK/Finland based healthcare analytics software provider.  With an expanding number of clients in the pipeline, we are looking for very solid Python/Java developers to help solidify our product offering and join our growing team. A small number of vacancies are currently open at our Beirut office.


You will have rock solid back end development skills (Python/Java) but are also interested in expanding into cutting edge web technologies. 

As with any startup, you should be happy, on occasion, to bridge out into other areas of technology. You you will receive world-class training in the latest and most relevant tech, including Web Technologies, DevOps, and distributed cloud solutions. 


Your main responsibility will be the development and maintenance of our back end codebase. The heart of the codebase is an analytics layer built on top persistence framework. This is currently Python 3 + Django, but Flask migration is being considered.  The analytics layer is exposed via a REST API to web-based GUIs, and accesses data in Neo4j (graph), elasticsearch (records, full text) and postresql (raw data). 

The entire production pipeline is managed, according to best principles, using source control (git), CI (currently jenkins), docker, and automated e2e tests to ensure continuous delivery.

Whilst parts of the codebase are mature, this is very much a greenfield project with plenty of opportunities to make your mark and build new things. Test coverage in general is good and needs to remain that way. You will be happy to work with dedicated testers to write testable code in general and help work towards best practices across the board. You will be passionate about TDD and encourage best practices across the board.

You will write highly performant, clean and testable code. You will be happy with an Agile-based approach and already comfortable with or happy to learn JIRA for monitoring and recording your progress. The role will be based in Beirut. Working language will be English. The role may require occasional overseas travel, mainly to the UK.