Portfolio Companies


Keeward is prime for the long tail. It develops and operates end-to-end technologies for contextual commerce, targeting long tail culture customers with the most complete catalog at highly competitive prices and free shipping worldwide. Keeward operates Bookwitty, an ecommerce platform distributing cultural products leveraging marketplaces (Amazon, Alibaba, etc…) around the world. Today any book, from any bookstore, can be sold and shipped cost effectively to any customer, anywhere in the world.
Media, businesses, and content creators leverage Keeward’s technology, content, local networks, and international distribution infrastructure to reach these audiences wherever they are.


E24 provides 24/7 electricity to those who don’t have it for many hours a day, a problem plaguing 2 billion people. It also gives anyone access to effective solar and renewable energy usage, irrespective of the quality or even existence of their electrical grid.
E24 is an integrated technology solution that combines energy management, storage and power protection that scales from single-phase small setups to complete building or factory installations. E24’s nodes aim to communicate with each other to overlay a distributed locally sourced grid.


HedgeGuard provides a cloud based software offering which focuses on the institutional buy side community (Hedge Funds, Asset Managers, Family Offices). The company helps its clients achieve optimal portfolio management and operational efficiencies through their SaaS offering. The HedgeGuard PMS (Portfolio Management System) is a full front-to-back software which answers the challenges faced by portfolio managers in today’s increasingly competitive environment.
With offices in Paris, London and Beirut, the firm is ideally positioned to service the asset management industry across several high growth markets.


Kirontech is a machine learning company aiming to digitalize the field of health insurance. The company provides a virtual insurance platform that helps insurers boost their efficiency – and their bottom line – by providing state of the art AI-based technology for automatizing and optimizing key aspects of the business, including detection of fraud waste and abuse, pricing of adherent risk and evaluating healthcare providers.

Sqwirl Lab

Sqwirl Lab is a start up studio that works on developing new start ups. Whether it uses ideas generated internally or proposed by external partners, it turns concepts into reality using a complete spectrum of in-house capabilities, from fundraising and app development to strategy and design. Sqwirl Lab is more than an incubator or accelerator: it don’t just help start-ups; it founds them, scales them, and helps them they grow into independent businesses.


There is a huge shift in the way assets and infrastructure are being inspected and monitored. Drones – a technology once used for filming weddings and Hollywood movie scenes – are becoming the new inspection platform replacing traditional scaffolding and labor intensive techniques. However, these flying machines are capturing huge amounts of data that is manually processed for weeks before relevant information can be retrieved. For that reason, NAR is striving to create a software platform to automate the analysis of Drone data and pinpoint areas of interest on-the-fly. Its current focus is developing Raven AI, a software solution leveraging the Drone technology to detect pipeline leaks and external threats.


MyKi is a cloudless secure authentication and password management solution for businesses. All critical components are stored on local devices whose access can be revoked by company administrators who can manage account sharing, scheduled password changes, and precise access controls (time, IP or geofencing).



InMobiles is a market-leading business support solutions and services company serving the majority of the global communications service providers. It offers a broad portfolio of licensed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based products and legacy systems replacements in the areas of IP mobile messaging, call completion, convergence management, virtual numbers and social telephony.
The company serves a global client base across highly competitive industries including cable and direct broadcast satellite, telecommunications, financial services, healthcare, utilities, content and entertainment and more.


U-Turn is the number one digital media company in MENA with over 100M monthly views on their videos. U-Turn has disrupted content creation in Saudi Arabia by creating viral “snackable” content in a region where video consumption, smart phone penetration and social media engagement is the highest in the world. Advertising spend in the MENA is still low on digital and U-Turn is best positioned to benefit from the upcoming catch-up.


Pandacraft provides an innovative and educational offline and online experience for children with their parents on a subscription basis. Children receive 1 kit a month that educates them about a specific topic in a dynamic and fun manner, and parents are offered quality and educational time with their children, as well as the means to encourage innovative ways of learning.


Dejbox specializes in delivering lunch boxes in suburban areas leveraging technology to coordinate all stakeholders (customers, delivery, food preparation, etc.). Employees receive the perfect, affordable lunch delivered to their office, paid and managed through the Dejbox app.


ConnectAgri is an agri-tech company that creates SaaS and hardware for shared agricultural tools to geolocate and measure the usage of machinery amongst its co-owners.



KEAKR provides a platform to create, record, mix, and edit content as well as chat and messaging options, a tool to publish to all social networks, and a battling platform. It is the first social media fully dedicated to urban music.



SnapEvent offers a turnkey solution to organizing small to medium sized events in exclusive private venues, disrupting the multibillion-dollar event industry by addressing the untapped C2B and C2C markets of small events.


Troy Dimension

Troy Dimension created a 3D printer that allows designers to manufacture prototypes seamlessly. Using free peeling force (FPF) technology, Troy’s 3D printers provides the high-quality printing found in high-cost digital light processing (DLP) printers for a portion of the price – a user-friendly, plug & play solution.



Brigad is a “digital dispatch service” that provides businesses with an on demand and independent workforce. Brigad is a self-employed workforce provider. Its fully automated, intelligent platform matches employers to the right independent contractor in less than 5 minutes.




Joust is an all-inclusive banking toolkit to help freelancers and entrepreneurs run their businesses.