About Leap Ventures

Leap Ventures is a growth stage Venture Capital firm in the Mediterranean, based out of Beirut. Leap Ventures looks to make investments in innovation & technology startups from the MENA region that have reached the series B stage: startups that have established a market presence and are seeking to dramatically accelerate their global market penetration and commercialization.

Value to Entrepreneurs

Leap Ventures was formed by a team of serial entrepreneurs, who have decades of startup experience under their belt. From failures to successes, bursting bubbles to valuable acquisitions, Silicon Valley numbers games to Middle East handshakes, we believe we have knowledge that can be of use to our portfolio companies. We can help entrepreneurs in the following areas:

  • Money: the necessary amount to grow the business very quickly, with the necessary padding for the inevitable learning mistakes and high value hires. Because we know that entrepreneurs don’t know everything, and we also know that entrepreneurs need the strongest teams to succeed. We’ve raised money more times than we can count as entrepreneurs, and we know the value of a solid war chest.
  • Strategy: in the MENA region entrepreneurs don’t have the mentorship and available sounding boards to discuss high level strategy and “reach for the moon” vision. We provide that sounding board, and training in that thinking process.
  • Operational resources: the Leap Ventures operational team can help jumpstart the growth phase after our investment, by providing quick access to human resources and missing expertise.
  • Marketing expertise: many startups expend enormous resources in the wrong kind of marketing, jeopardizing their success chances. With Leap partner Hervé Cuviliez who has a complete grasp of the MENA marketing environment, our portfolio companies will reduce their marketing burn rates and increase their marketing dollars’ impact when it matters most.
  • Global connections: we have exited companies in the US and the Middle East, and have the necessary relationships for the next level of growth or exit. Our network is global and based on strong personal connections.
  • A dedication to alignment: Leap invests only in companies where founders, employees and investors are aligned on a path to the greatest chance of success. For Leap, ESOPs are a key asset to startups, and so are clear shareholder agreements.
  • A culture of professionalism: term sheet from Leap means all parties are clear on valuation and key terms, and that Leap has done the necessary in-depth work to determine the potential of the company. There are no later surprises, and we stand by the spirit of our agreement.

Value to Investors

Leap Ventures seeks to maximize the returns to its limited partners within the risk profile of Venture Capital. We believe that Venture Capital is about finding companies that can achieve moonshots, and helping them maximize their chances of success. The key for any investment is to quantify the risks associated with the opportunity, and the partners of Leap Ventures have the operational expertise to dig as deep as necessary into a potential investment to get the clarity we need. For investors, Leap Ventures provides:

  • Technology know-how: technical analysis of a startup’s technology is often outsourced to consultants. Not so at Leap, where partner Henri Asseily was the CTO of shopzilla.com for 12 years, and both Khaled Ismail and Karim Hussein of the investment committee are engineering PhDs. This gives us much more visibility on the technical challenges a company faces.
  • Risk management: our partner Hala Fadel was for over a decade portfolio manager for European Equities at Comgest, a €16bn equities fund. Portfolio management is in our DNA.
  • Deal access: the combined strengths of Leap Ventures partners ensures that entrepreneurs reach out to Leap first.
  • Exit opportunities: the strong network of Leap Ventures and its partners’  past successes significantly increases the opportunity of a liquidity event for our investments.