About Leap Ventures

Leap Ventures is a tech-focused entrepreneur-led venture capital firm that operates in MENA and Europe. At Leap, we seek to actively partner with entrepreneurs with innovative ideas in order to quickly accelerate and scale their vision and operations globally. 
With over 20 years each of entrepreneurial experience under their belts, Leap’s founders know what it takes to create a successful company. As a result, discussions and collaborations are put in an entrepreneur-to-entrepreneur context, where we try to solve problems together. 
Leap’s value-add platform and extensive international network provide entrepreneurs with the tools to sharpen their technology edge, develop their customer base, recruit top talent, and structure their operations in order to heighten their ability to face hyper growth. 

We seek a strong fit with the entrepreneurial team in order to forge an ambitious collaboration that will hopefully lead to a strong market position and a meaningful learning journey.